Are you ready for positive and lasting changes in the way you eat, think and feel?
Do you want to discover how easy it can be to boost your health and wellbeing?

My coaching approach is not only based on my studies but also shaped by many of my own experiences.
Especially while healing my acne, I learned so much about holistic health along the way and how our bodies express themselves if something is not in balance on the inside.
As a certified nutritionist, health coach and passionate foodie, I draw upon both science and holistic principles to treat each individual case in a way that is effective, sustainable and enjoyable.

My philosophy is deeply rooted in whole food, plant-based nutrition and using food as the wonderful medicine that it is! I take an investigative approach to each client and will always tailor treatment plans to the individual, their specific concerns and personal goals, with an emphasis on diet and lifestyle.

Do you want to…?


  • learn how to optimally nourish your body with plant-based nutrition
  • boost your energy levels, focus and clarity
  • regenerate faster after physical strain
  • get rid of digestive issues and discomfort
  • improve your sleep quality
  • enhance your skin- and hair quality from the inside
  • learn to enjoy food without stressful or emotional eating
  • find a healthy lifestyle that gets to help you losing weight
  • reduce cravings and learn how to manage them
  • finding your inner balance to reflect physical and mental stress in order to deal and cope with it
  • discover simple ways of cooking that can easily get adapted to your daily routine

Let me guide you through your personal change in health-decisions and therefore ensure you feel your most vibrant!


  • In-depth online consultation, including a holistic review of the body systems, dietary analysis, health history and lifestyle habits
  • Pathology and functional testing referral/review and addressing nutritional deficiencies
  • Detailed personal plan, outlining recommended diet and lifestyle changes targeted toward your short and long-term goals
  • Meal plans, shopping lists, recipe ideas, stress management guidelines and helpful information sheets
  • Ongoing support and personal contact

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Plantifultaste works with companies who are trying to achieve a positive impact on the world through health conscious products, to social impact and sustainability based programs.

If you are interested in working together for visual or written storytelling that inspires and include development for your brand or a meaningful collaboration, please reach out with your needs and budget and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Examples of possible services:



VIDEO PRODUCTION (Youtube & Instagram)








Media kit and rates are available on request.


“Paula was really fun to have at the lodge, she has a great knowledge of plants and nutrition. We can’t wait to have her back at the lodge!”

“Paula hat für uns einige spannende Blogbeiträge über die Wirkung von Gewürzen verfasst und sehr leckere und kreative Rezepte mit uns gemeinsam entwickelt. Die Zusammenarbeit war super entspannt und hat uns allen viel Spaß gemacht. Man merkt, dass Paula für das brennt was sie tut.”

„With limited direction, Paula delivered beautiful, on target content that yielded positive engagement, which goes to show that she understands her audience very well. Our brand collaboration was natural, effortless, and an overall great experience!“

“Die Zusammenarbeit mit Paula hat uns jedes Mal viel Freude und vor allem wunderbare Bilder gebracht. Sie inszeniert unsere Produkte kreativ und authentisch und setzt sich ausführlich mit den Produkten auseinander.”

“Paula has been supporting our educational projects for years. In Bali she visited schools in need for us and captured beautiful snapshots. Thanks to Paula’s work, we were able to collect donations for many projects.”

“Paula is an excellent communicator and that shows so beautifully in her stories and narratives. CulturallyOurs has a global audience and therefore I had certain requirements on the voice and tonality of the stories. Paula interpreted that direction really well and consistently delivers articles that are warm, conversational and well researched. Her narratives feel like we are friends sitting across the table and catching up on life and lifestyle in an inviting way.”

„Paula has been an awesome collaborator, she thoughtfully crafts creative collaborations, and publishes beautiful creations. She took care to display our product in the best and most beautiful way, and came back with several more good engagements, to connect us more with her community. She is professional and a very positive community member to engage with! We’d work with her again any time.“

“Sehr gerne haben wir mit Paula zusammengearbeitet, da sie auch unsere Werte teilt und uns das sehr wichtig ist. Wir mögen Ihre vielseitigen Beiträge und können uns gut vorstellen noch weiterhin mit ihr zu arbeiten. Unsere Yogamode hat sie besonders schön im Beitrag in Szene gesetzt.
Und wir sind noch sehr gespannt auf weiteres.”