Support your body with a powerful herbal tea-mixture!

Woman often write off their menstrual symptoms as part of “that time of the month”. Although we should recognize and respect the menstrual cycle and the signs we notice within, there are ways to positively change and affect menstrual symptoms for good!

Our hormonal rhythm may seem simple and straightforward, the balance is quite intricate. If one of the hormones is slightly off from its normal level, symptoms can occur or the whole menstrual cycle could even be thrown out of whack.

Female bodies are designed to follow the exact hormonal rhythm every menstrual cycle, without intense pain, cramping, mood swings, and bloating!

However, if we experience any of these we can be grateful for the fact that our body has the opportunity each month to tell us that something is “off” inside and hormones are out of balance.

There are many different herbal tinctures or teas for each phase of your cycle, but keep in mind that there is no „one-size-fits-all-approach“, here is just my little recipe for more balance during your period:


  • ginger, chamomile, thyme & yarrow

for cramping support & pain relief

  • cinnamon & raspberry leaf

for heavy bleeding support

  • hibiscus

for restoring balance and a delicious taste

  • fennel

for bloating and calming the digestive system

(additional: licorice for balancing all herbs and adding a sweet taste!)

Simply pour hot water over the herbs and let it soak for about 5-7 minutes.