It’s time to learn about the power of herbs and make your remedies for your body and soul!

Did you ever struggle with skin problems?


Your skin is not wrong, it’s simply trying to tell you that there is something you should pay attention to – you need to learn its language in order to bring things back into balance.
Certain people have the blessing of their skin showing obvious signs of imbalances in the body. Rather than getting frustrated or sending negative energy towards it, you should embrace its fascinating mechanisms.

But yes- we know how hard it is to deal with skin diseases.
Paula was suffering from severe acne for years, always searching for healing.
But once you find the root of your symptoms, you will get a deeper connection to your body than you ever had before!

Our bodies are truly intelligent and always know exactly what to do.
Treat them with love and kindness and try to have patience.

Having healthy, beautiful and balanced skin requires more than just topical products.

While all the wonderful cleansers, moisturizers, and face-masks can really improve your skin tone, elasticity, or calm and nourish it and even support the healing process – true skin health at the cellular level comes from within and depends on so much more. Especially with an acute skin problem it’s important to find its root cause, in order to heal it in the long run.

Your stress level, diet, nutrient levels, and the function of your liver & digestive system, your lifestyle, environment, and especially physical, emotional and mental wellness all have a strong effect on your skin.


It’s very important for us to think not only about the outside support but also focus on the inside, to maintain a healthy and vibrant skin throughout our lives.

Through seeing the skin and the body as a whole and working with different herbs, lifestyle & diet changes we can get to the roots of a number of skin troubles.

When it comes to the skincare we got to deeply appreciate making our own herbal products. Even though there are so many great natural skin care brands out there, we love to make our own, because we have realized how easy and precious it is to make the best and most individual products at home – only with ingredients we really know!


Once you’ve understood a few basics, it’s getting easy to find the right solution for your own skin type.

Whether you’re looking for a rich cream to pamper your face, a soothing salve for minor first aid, or topical support for a chronic skin condition, we’ve got something for you here. By the time you work your way through our recipes and stories, you’ll have a full collection of incredible herbal skin care products to share with your friends and family! Feel free to check out our Instagram account if you want to get started!

PS: you can find many basic ingredients linked in the Shop.

Have fun creating and feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Alicia & Paula


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