Around the world, people have used aromatic plant extracts for body products, perfumes, spiritual or political rituals, and physical or emotional well-being for thousands of years.⁣
In my daily life, they have become a staple for many different uses!


What are essential oils?⁣


Essential oils are concentrated compounds extracted from different plants.
The most common way to make them is through distillation. 
To make 1 kg of essential oil, you need between 150 and 5000 kg plant material, depending on the plant.
On average, they are up to 75 times more powerful than dried herbs – that shows how concentrated they are and how careful you should use them!



⁣Tips for buying essential oils⁣


One common essential oil question revolves around choosing the right brands.
With the popularity of essential oils, many businesses have sprung up in recent years – therefore it’s important to take a closer look when purchasing them:

⁣1. Essential oils should always be 100 % pure and natural.
Sometimes the oils are mixed with synthetic fragrances, which might also smell good but these do not contain any of the herbal ingredients!⁣

2. The part of the plant from which the oil was extracted (root, flower, leaves,..) should always be named on the label/website of the product.⁣

3. Always choose organic oils. 

4. Check if the production process (such as steam destillation) is referred on the label/website. ⁣

5. Also the price is often a good indicator for high quality products. Diluted oils are likely to be a lot cheaper than the good and natural oils, but it’s worth to invest in them. Also you will need less drops from a good oil because it’s more intense. ⁣

Over the years I have done a lot of research on essential oil brands. I value essential oils that are 100% pure and are certified organic.
I personally buy my essentials oils from SundayNatural.

(You can find a discount code on my instagram)


⁣Essential oil Uses

There are endless options how to use essential oils in your daily life.
Whether you use them in your home, your personal care products, or for wellness. 

Here you will find a few examples:



The most common way to enjoy the essential oils and take advantage of the power of each herb, is to inhale their fragrance through room scenting or apply it as an oil blend – this also works wonderful as a natural perfume blend!

Essential oils can be included into body products for several reasons.
For one, they make our skin care products smell nice, which can often also provide us with emotional support, but each essenital oil also has specific actions to offer, like being anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, or vulnerary, for example. Therefore it can help to treat different skin issues or boost our skin health.

Essential oils should always be diluted properly before applying them directly to the skin!
Always use a carrier oil and start with 1-2 drops. Before you use an essential oil for the first time, you should always test on a small area of your skin, combined with a carrier oil, to see if you tolerate it. ⁣

Once you have a few basic essential oils at home, you can start to create your own natural products with just a few ingredients, like face and massage oils, creams, salves, tooth oils, face mists, menstrual cramp oils, deodorants, bug repellants and so much more!

 For detailed recipes and ideas, check out thymeforskincare.



Thanks to their antimicrobial properties, essential oils can also be incorporated into DIY homemade cleaning products for scent and to discourage germs. 

Just with vinegar and baking soda, you can create effective products like: all purpose cleaner, stain remover, window cleaner, toilet bombs or just even add a few drops to you washing machine!



xx, Paula 

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Around the world, people have used aromatic plant extracts for body products, perfumes, spiritual or political rituals, and physical or emotional well-being for thousands of

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