Hello, lovely people out there, my name is Paula!


From studying horticulture, nutrition science and herbalism to simply connecting with nature and following my passions, I developed a great enthusiasm and growing understanding of what a wholesome life looks like for me.


My goal is to reconnect people with nature.

I want to inspire you to get in touch with it and therefore live more mindful, conscious, healthy and happy. Whether it’s choosing to eat more plants and creating homemade meals, reducing waste, learning about the beauty of living more minimalistic and sustainable, picking wild herbs or growing your own plants. It’s not about being perfect in everything we do – it’s just about taking steps towards a more sustainable direction and feeling comfortable with it at the same time.



Plantifultaste is an online community that aims to inspire and reconnect others with their food, body, planet, and personal impact. Through my love for cooking, plantbased nutrition, herbal medicine, homemade skincare to home gardening, and all things holistic health and slow living, I hope to help evoking an appetite for this lifestyle, a deeper awareness and appreciation for nature and the threads that connect us all within it.


Instagram is my primary place to connect with people from all around the globe
– feel free to come and say hi!


My skin never gave me an easy time, but it taught me an incredible amount of knowledge.

I’ve struggled with severe acne in the past years and the journey I went through to this day has made me understand skin health in a holistic way.

I share my knowledge, experience and DIY recipes for herbal skin care on my second account THYMEFORSKINCARE. Check it out and find herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle practices that can help to bring you back into balance or just to deeply nourish your skin!

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